I have just finished reading Mad Rush 1 (something I rarely do – read the whole issue I’ve been lucky enough to be published in…I usually scan the issue looking for friends and foes, looking to see who I’m sharing the pages with, maybe reading their pieces, maybe not, so believe the things I’m about to tell/share with you)…I have a couple of observations and a question. First, thanks for the inclusion. I don’t get published all that much anymore…seems my style of writing is not “current” for most of the MFA editors of mags/zines. I’m rapidly becoming a ghost on the literary landscape, perhaps a forgotten relic? Second, I notice that you have included [stanza break] as if it is part of the poem in several cases and thought I’d point out to you that those words in brackets like that are not part of the poem, they are merely editorial marks to help the editor decipher the poem. I mention this because I have sweated my way thru nearly 20 years of other people’s poems. This not meant to be “heat”, but more like a friendly “head’s up”. And here’s my question…in this issue, it appears that you published everything that was sent to you…is that true? I only ask because, as mentioned previously, I have sweated thru thousands of poetic offerings searching for the gems to be published and I know “uneven” when I see it. So what’s the point you might ask? The point is, if you call yourself an editor, it means you edit; you choose, you select (you don’t alter as some editors like to do; rewriting a poem to suit their own mindsets). If you are arranging by order received, you are an expediter (another word that starts with an ‘e’). There’s nothing wrong with that, but ‘editor’ sounds more official, I suppose.

Anyway, I wanted to bring this to your attention to help you improve your skills for the next project. Good luck to you and Mad Rush…much success.

RD Armstrong


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