Bukowski’s gravestone says “Don’t Try”. According to popular myth, this means, as the noted founder of Gestalt Therapy, Fritz Perls, is quoted as saying, “trying is lying”. Trying is artificial. Either you do it or you don’t. The difficulty is that trying is such an inherent part of our lives that it is next to impossible to get any of the myriad of projects done that some of us (myself included) take on.

Of course, there’s another option to the “don’t try” message…it could mean, don’t bother; the deck is stacked against you; the race is rigged; the rich run everything and you are merely a pawn in their came. Give up and get out of the way…but then this would be the wealthy Bukowski speaking, not the working man’s Buk.

I realize that this will get me in hot water with someone, but what can I do? If I try to make everyone happy, I’m gonna end up offending someone. And if I try to offend most everybody, nobody will take these immortal blogs of mine seriously. You’d be surprised how often my thoughts are interpreted as proclamations from on high(or from down below). And sure, sometimes (?) I cross the line with my outrage at some perceived slight, and I have to re-explain what I meant to say. I don’t mind that. I just wish people weren’t so quick to judge. Whatever happened to the premise of “dialogue”? Of constructive criticism? When did we stop speaking to each other and start speaking at each other (or not speaking for that matter)? When did my way or the highway become the rule of thumb? Questions, questions, questions.

As someone once told me, “There are no mistakes, there is only recovery.” I hope these efforts to recover don’t go unnoticed in the blogosphere, otherwise what’s the point. Mind you I’m not “trying” to recover…



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